Washing Hands

Parents, it may sound simple but one of the most effective things a child can do to keep healthy and free of disease is wash their hands well! Although hand cleaning and basic hygiene habits are learned in early childhood, the fact is that many kids just don't do it. And this spreads germs!
Viruses and bacteria that cause colds, flu and diseases that keep your child out of school. According to the C D C (Center for Disease Control), infectious disease accounts for millions of lost school days (22 million days each year!)
Colds are the most common occurring childhood illness and account for the highest absences from school. Missing school puts sick students behind and causes them to miss extracurricular opportunities, as well. One common way that people catch colds is by touching someone or something that is contaminated with a cold virus, then before Washington their hands they rub their eyes, nose or mouth. Encourage your child to wash their hands often, use warm water and soap rubbing all surfaces well for 20 seconds, then rise and dry well.
Decreasing absences from school helps children achieve!!