Welcome to Lacey Elementary's Health Room!

  • Nurses: Susan Zoccola RN (Monday & Tuesday all day)

    Phone: (360) 412-4653
    Health Room Assistant: Shelly Thomson (Monday-Friday all day)

    If your child has any health concerns, it is important that you inform the Health Room staff. If your child requires medications at school - like oral medication, asthma inhaler, or has any special needs - please inform the Health Room. Parent permission and an Authorization for Medication at School form are required to give medications/treatments at school. This form can be picked up in the Health Room. 

    Don't forget to let the Health Room know if your child has a new diagnoses that may affect him or her at school (such as asthma or diabetes).

    Life Threatening Health Conditions: Many students have health conditions such as bee sting or peanut allergies, severe asthma, diabetes, seizures, or heart conditions that may cause a life threatening emergency during the school day. These students must have a plan, including medication and/or treatment orders, in place prior to the first day that they will attend school. Please contact the health room for the necessary forms.

    Vision and Hearing: Screenings are with students in kindergarten, first, second, third, and fifth grades annually. Ongoing referrals from teachers are tested throughout the year. If a concern shows up, parents will be contacted. If you have questions about this procedure, please contact the Health Room.

    Hand Washing: One of the most effective things that a child can do to keep healthy and free of disease is to wash their hands. Although hand cleaning and basic hygiene habits are learned in early childhood, many kids just don't do it and this spreads germs! Viruses and bacteria that cause cold, flu, and other diseases keep your child out of school. The CDC reports that infectious disease accounts for close to 22 million lost days of school each year. Encourage your child to wash their hands often, use warm water and soap rubbing all surfaces well for 20 seconds, then rise and dry well.

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