Welcome to the Counselor's Office!

  • Flower At Lacey Elementary we are committed not only to academic growth and excellence, but committed to supporting your child in learning and implementing positive behavior choices on a daily basis. Hopefully your child has arrived home full of excitement about earning a purple PAW in their classroom and engaging in a classroom celebration, or earning a PAW for the classroom PAW pocket by making great choices in our school common areas. You may have heard your student talking about our Husky ABCD's, or visited our building and observed first-hand our expectation signs, banners, bulletin boards, and "husky wear". We even have a school song and school cheer to reinforce positive choices. We realize that just as academic subject matter must be taught, re-taught, and reinforced, so does positive behavior. Ask your child if they know the Husky expectations and encourage them to share with you each time they earn a PAW at school. Before you know it they will be PAWsitively perfect!
    - Debbie LaFever