Welcome to the Counselor's Office!

  • Counselor: Debbie LaFever
    Mental Health Specialist: Teresa Wolfe (Mondays & Wednesdays)
    Hi Lacey Pups and Parents,
      I am writing to let you know that I am thinking about you and know that we all might feel a little unsettled right now and a little surprised at how school ended so abruptly a week ago. The good news is that  we all made it through the first week and we had sunshine and blue skies to boot! I saw people taking walks together, kids riding bikes , students playing in their yards  and enjoying being outside in the beautiful weather. It brought a sense of hope to my heart in this time of change.  At the district office they are working hard at getting things in place for all of us to keep learning, and that's a very good thing. I hope you are reading a few books like I am, and are collecting stories to share with your friends when you see them again. Life is unpredictable at times,  but at school we have learned how to be flexible and use our grit when things are challenging. When we don't understand what is happening we use our skill of adaptabliity and go with the flow. 

    Now is the time to show your parents, grandparents and family members how skilled you are at acting safely, being respectful , cooperating and doing your best, just like you do at school everyday, and very soon we will see each other again.  Until then read a book, practice some math, and be a helpful and loving family member.  Now is a great time to practice kindness towards others and be creative.  In my neighborhood the kids have started a heart scavenger hunt.  They hung up signs on the mailboxes and asked the homeowners to place hearts in their windows, on their cars, and all around their property. All the kids are out walking around looking for  hearts and counting how many they find. Sound Fun?  Maybe you can organize one too. 
    I will write to you again and we will be back learning in no time! You already know the secret to making each day a good one....Be kind to one another.
    With love to my Husky Pups,
    Ms Debbie