NTPS Meal Prices

Meal Charge Policy

  • If a student does not have sufficient funds to pay for a school meal, it is the policy of NTPS to allow the student to purchase a meal and run the lunch account into a negative balance. À la carte items (such as milk) may not be charged. Parents/guardians are responsible for negative balances on a student's account. Contact us for more information on setting limits on accounts.

Adding Money to a Lunch Account

  • Check or Cash: Pay through the office. During summers, you can make payments at the District Office.

    Credit Card: Pay online through our payment portal. 

      1. Log into the Payment Portal
      2. Select your student
      3. Shop: Items at student's school
      4. Category: Food Service
      5. Select a preset amount or a custom amount.

    What if there's a negative lunch account balance? Please pay the negative balance and add any extra to the account.