Accounting Office

  • The Accounting Office ensures internal controls effectively maintain the integrity of financial records and safeguard District assets. They develops the school system's budget and financial reports for the Superintendent and the Board.

Functions & Activities

  •  The following functions are performed in support of district operations:
    • Deposits cash receipts and records revenues
    • Monitors cash flow and investments associated with available cash resources
    • Records District expenditures in accordance with state and federal requirements
    • Provides formal fiscal reporting and related financial information to district managers, the
    • public, and state and federal agencies
    • Acts as district liaison to the Washington State Auditor’s Office
    • Acts as custodian of district financial records, and steward of district assets
    We account for our activities in a number of funds, including:
    • General Fund - Where all "regular" district activities are accounted for.
    • Capital Projects Fund - Where major construction projects and funds associated with our Bond Issues are accounted for.
    • Associated Student Body Fund - Where student activities and athletic fees are accounted for.
    • Debt Service Fund - Where all payments on Long-term Debt are made. Repayment of bonds is accounted for here.
    • Transportation Vehicle Fund - Used to buy or for major repairs of school buses.
    • Trust Funds - Where all trust funds provided to the district are accounted for. This includes scholarship and foundation funds.