High School - Science

  • Science programs at the high school varies from school to school. Graduation requirements include 2.0 credits of laboratory science. See the High School Science Course Pathways (PDF)

    STEM Physics

    Biology and Environmental Science

    Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry

    Most students take additional course work in science beyond the 3 course sequence recommended above.  Each comprehensive high school has a selection of elective science courses too. Please refer to the course catalogs linked to each high school's webpage for a complete list.
    To continue learning content from the above 3 courses while at home, visit our remote learning resource document for each course. The resources are organized by topic, aligned to the course standards. The link is above at the top of this page.

High School ELA Curriculum

  • MyPerspectives English Language Arts Logo My Perspectives by Pearson Publishing

    My Perspectives is a student-centered program where they engage in analyzing text, citing evidence, and responding critically about their learning. The curriculum contains 6 units that include selections of different genres (including multimedia) all related to a relevant and meaningful Essential Question. As they read, students engage in activities that inspire thoughtful discussion and debate, allowed them to formulate and defend their own perspective.

    Visit the My Perspectives Website for more information

High School - Social Studies

High School Math Pathways

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