Middle School - Science

  • Our middle school science programs are all research-based and aligned with Washington State Learning Standards.

    Grade 6 - Earth Science

    Earth Science units of study include:

    • Earth History & Geology
    • Earth Systems Interactions
      • Weather and Climate
      • Natural Resources and Human Impacts
    • The Earth and Solar System


    Grade 7 / 8 - Life & Physical Science

    Each year of our two years of rotating curriculum integrates life and physical science focused on local and place-based driving questions. The two years of curriculum are organized in the following units: 

    Year 1:  (2019-2020)

    How do organisms survive and adapt to the Puget Sound Ecosystem? 

    How can we design creative solutions to ensure survival of Puget Sound Organisms? 

    • Structure and Function
    • Force and Motion
    • Growth and Development
    • Inheritance and Variation of Traits
    • Changes in Organisms over Time


     Year 2: (2020-2021)

    How can changes in Puget Sound ecosystems affect interacting relationships among organisms? 

    How can we design creative solutions to sustain our changing community?

    • Ecosystems
    • Matter and Its Interactions
    • Energy Transfer
    • Waves and Information Transfer

Middle School ELA Curriculum

  • Studysync curriuculum materials Studysync by McGraw Hill Publishing

    The middle school ELA curriculum is Studysync. It contains four units united by a single theme and essential question. Multi-faceted exploration allows for the development of deep content knowledge and provides students the opportunity to apply learning across wide range of texts. They also build specific vocabulary and engage in writing activities across the curriculum.

    Visit the Studysync website for more information

Middle School - Social Studies

NTPS MIddle School Math Pathways

  • Middle School Math Pathway

  • Grade Level Math Pathways

  • Math Support

  • Math Acceleration in Middle School

  • Intensive Math Pathway (iMath)