Social Studies Grading Policy

  • This course is designed around a standards based grading system.  That means the students will be graded on the mastering of power standards that were set up by the Social Studies Department. Below is a description of the policy:

    1. Social Studies grades will be based upon demonstrated mastery of the power standards. Seventy percent of the grade is based upon assessment scores and thirty percent will be on assignments turned in. Assessment can be re-taken if a student scores poorly on the first one. However, it is up to the student to contact me and make an appointment to re-take the test. There will be a limit as to how long after the first test was taken that a student can re-test (usually one-two weeks).
    2. Grades WILL NOT include points for effort, attendance, attitude, participation, or extra credit.

    3. Grades Scale:

      • 4 pt. score = Above Standard

      • 3 pt. score = Standard

      • 2 pt. score = Approaching Standard

      • 1 pt. score = Below Standard