Guidelines for Nisqually Athletics

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    Nisqually Middle School 7th & 8th Athletics Program

    • The athletic fee for the school year is $60.00 and due at the time the application is turned in. The fee covers all sports for the entire school year.
    • Students' completed sports packets, including current sports physical, must on file prior to the first day of practice. Late paperwork cannot be accepted.
    • The fee will not be refunded if students voluntarily leave or are dismissed from the athletic activity due to academic ineligibility.
    • Students transferring from the district prior to the end of an athletic activity will not be reimbursed the fee.

    Participation Guidelines & Eligibility

    • Athletes must have passing grades to participate. 
    • If failing one class, but GPA is 2.0 or better, they are allowed to practice but not participate in games. They must demonstrate grade improvements and reach minimum requirements by the next grade check, or they will be released from the team.
    • If failing two or more classes, they will not be allowed to practice. They must reach minimum requirements by the next grade check, or they will be released from the team.
    • Behavior is checked every week. Honor Level 3 athletes are placed on probation and can practice but not participate in games. Honor Level 4, no practice or games until back to Honor Level 2 (can take up to 2 weeks). Suspensions will be assessed case-by-case, but they may be removed from the team or not allowed to participate.


    • Practices are daily after school during the sport season until 5:30 (until there have been 10 practices, then they will end at 5:30 M-Th, and end at 5 on Fridays)
    • Parents & siblings are not allowed to stay and watch practices upholding safety and avoiding distraction.
    • Please feel free to introduce yourself to your athlete's coach once practice has ended.
    • Athletes must attend all practices and be on time. 2 unexcused absences will result in being release from the team. Please send a note with the athlete after an absence to excuse it.
    • Please be on time to pick up your child. If you are late more than once, the coach may release your child from the team. Please respect their time.  

    Jerseys & Attire

    • Jerseys will be issued to athletes prior to the first game. It is intended for use in all sports and both years the student participates. 
    • There is a $10 replacement fee for any jersey that needs to be replaced.
    • Athletes need to have their own shorts, all black or all blue.
    • If sports equipment and gear is issued, it must be returned at the end of the season or the student will be assessed a fine.
    • Athletes must have proper footwear and equipment with them each day for practice and games.
    • Tank tops should not be worn, and all school dress codes still apply.

    Away Games

    • All athletes are to ride with their team on the bus to and from their destination.
    • If a parent or legal guardian wants to take an athlete home after the game, they MUST sign their athlete out with the coach in order to leave with them.
    • Any parent taking home someone else’s child from a game can only do so if the coach has a signed note from the athlete's parent PRIOR to the beginning of the game. A child not signed out properly may not be able to compete in the next away game or may even be released from the team.
    • For home games, it is not necessary for an athlete to be signed out after a game.
    Please Note: Outstanding fees/fines prevents student from participating in extracurricular activities.  Please contact Students Services if we can be of assistance or if you have any questions. (360) 412-4770.

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