First Grade - Science

  • First grade students also have a common fall field experience as part of their core science program, and jump into STEMscopes learning right away to prepare for that outdoor learning experience as well as build skills to use afterward in the classroom.

    STEMscopes by Accelerate Learning
    First grade classes are also focused on Science and Engineering Practices in order to cultivate scientific behaviors that are outlined in Next Generation Science Standards. Investigations in first grade include exploring Space Systems: Patterns & Cycles (Earth and Space Science), Properties of Sound and Light Waves (Physical Science) and Animal Body Structures, Functions, and Information Processing (Life Science). First grade STEMscopes has more scopes for students to experience as part of core science instruction, and inquiry and engineering design tasks deepen their rigor through projects and units. Learn more about STEMScopes

    Wild Feet STEM Module by ETA hand2mind STEM in Action
    The 2015-16 school year brought scheduled STEM challenges to first grade. Wild Feet engages young scientists in learning about Biomimicry in order to develop a solution for shoes with too slippery of soles when walking down steep hills. First Graders develop and test prototypes based on the data they collect and design solutions aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards' aim at integrated Science and Engineering Practices for all students. Learn more about hand2mind STEM In Action

Elementary ELA Curriculum

  • The series of Reach for Reading Books

    Reach for Reading by Cengage Publishing

    The elementary ELA curriculum is called Reach for Reading. The program contains 8 units centered around a "Big Question" related to that particular unit. The fiction and non-fiction texts that are included in each unit help build to answering that unit's "Big Question". Students engage in critical thinking when determininig how to best answer the "Big Question".

    Visit the Reach for Reading Website for more information


Elementary Mathematics Curriculum

  • Origo Stepping StonesCovers of 6 different Stepping Stones books.

    The elementary school mathematics curriculum is called Origo Stepping Stones, A web-based core curriculum that has been designed to replicate the content and the intent of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. Teachers follow the scope and sequence of the program in order to build understanding from Kindergarten to Fifth grade. Stepping Stones emphasizes conceptual understanding, procedural fluency and application of mathematical skills.

First Grade - Social Studies