• Independent Reading Expectations [10 % of grade]

    You are required to read 20 minutes everyday, outside of ELA class, which usually equals at least three books each quarter. For the first quarter you will use a weekly bookmark to track your independent reading which includes a place for a parent's signature. When you either finish a book or trade it back in for something else to read, you will record the title and author in your booklog which is kept in your ELA notebook. Everyone will turn in their BookLOGs at the end of each term. If you need an extra book log, you may click here. Daily, independent reading is the first part of the expectation.

    As a class, we will use our book logs to create personal bibliographies using EasyBib. Creating and sharing your personal bibliography via your Google account is the second part of the 'Independent Reading' grade. We will start this assignment together in September and will have some lab time to update and submit our bibliographies each quarter.

    Thinking, writing, talking, and processing what we read is as important as the act of reading. So... you will have an opportunity exchange ideas at a variety of levels. Everyone will have an opportunity to compare books and use literary terms to process their reading in their ELA journals. Students will also be encouraged to work more independently and post their literary thoughts, impressions, and/or opinions either on a real-world blog (BookThing.com) or in a shared notebook, kept in class. Those who exceed expectations and are working towards an 'A' will use their secure Google drive to interact with other KMS students while writing and responding to online literary letters. This Lit team work is available to all, however because of the workload, the initial group will be invited. If you want to join in the Lit Team, make sure to let me know!


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    Lit Team: As a part of this team, you will have the opportunity to blog about the books you are loving and hating, the books that are keeping you up at night… Think about your book blogs as informal essays directed to me or a friend. The best part is that we will write back to you about your ideas and observations. Our letter-essays and responses will become part of the record of the reading, thinking, learning, and teaching we accomplish together. We’ve tweaked the format of the letters, so if you are a returning Lit Team Ninja, make sure to check out the updated sample. I have also created a secure online space using a Google Whiteboard for you to keep your reading notes, forms, and letters. We will go through this part of Google in class. For the first quarter, the first round of Lit team invitations will go out during the first full week of classes. Invited students will receive a letter explaining the assignment. If you want to check-out the details, click here. To download the rest of the handouts, click on links listed below: