• Crossing the Wire, a literary conversation with Ethan

    Crossing the Wire, a literary conversation with Ethan

    The book I read was Crossing the Wire by Will Hobbs. It is a story about Victor Flores, a hard-working teenager in Mexico who struggled to support his family. The setting is changing constantly, where he is in his home in Silao, the big city of Nogales, and the ghetto in El Norte. The story follows Victor throughout his constant struggle he had to cross to America to bring home money. This story is fiction, but at times I lost sight of that, for it sounded much too real and there are many people today that are still trying to cross over, but it just is not that easy. Victor though is able to overcome all of his problems and cross. Victor reminds me of Stanley Yelnats from Holes. Many times Stanley had to overcome many obstacles to get what he didn’t need to do, but did it anyway just because it was the right thing to do. He went through a lot though. Jumped trains, hid in people’s cars, carried many pounds of marijuana or the Jarra, a Mexican gang, while almost dying of thirst. The passage that sold me was “My lips began to crack, my tongue to thicken. Swallowing became difficult. My scalp was drenched with sweat along with my neck and arms. I was getting dizzy and began to stumble” (Hobbs, 164). It showed me how extremely dangerous it was and how life- threatening it is. Spending much of his time in the middle of summer the middle of the Mexico desert. When he finally made it over Baboquivari Peak, where he knew he was almost the border, so he calmed down a little bit. What stuck with me and will always stick with me was Will Hobbs purpose for this story. I feel he wrote it to inform his readers of how difficult and life- changing it is to try to cross the border to America. He and his friend Rico Rivera, His travelling partner, turned a trip that was supposed to be life-changing for the better, but it ended up being a very horrid, life-threatening voyage where easily, they could have passed away and nobody would have known. Of the people who have tried, they know how dangerous and wrong it was, and they did it anyway, and I sort of respect them, just because of the sacrifices they have made. While I was reading his book, it brought the discussion today of the border controls in America more upon me. I hear talk on the news about what is happening down by Arizora, and now I get it, that it’s a very serious topic, and it should never be taken lightly, I don’t think. This book made me think of how great I have, and that I don’t have to do anything like try to cross over. At some parts, I was very worried for Victor, but throughout it all, I was rooting for him and wanted him to make it. I feel that we could all do better with being grateful for what we have and not taking it for granted, but I know not everybody is like you and me. Before you this book, you really need to prepare for nonstop action, turmoil, thrill and excitement, because that is exactly what I got, Hope you like it.Sincerely, Ethan Stark

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