Students revise essays based upon 6-trait writing rubrics. Early in the year only specific traits are reworked, focusing on organization, ideas, and fluency. Some students are born writers who find elaboration as natural as breathing. Those who need more framework or structure find it helpful to use 'training wheels' until they learn to organize their writing.

Introduction Paragraph 1 ---- > 

 Hook + Thesis + Plan

Body Paragraph 2 ---- >


Body Paragraph 3 ---- >


Body Paragraph 4 ---- >
(as many body paragraphs as needed)


Concluding Paragraph  5 ---- > 

 Restate main thesis + Review CSs + Wrap it up/go back to hook

Conventions are edited for before final drafts. Students submit essays to the chunk morgue as one of many places on the internet to publish their writing. Each class also uses these essays as examples and benchmarks for scoring other papers, but for the sake of confidentiality and academic responsibility no grades are posted on this site. Only student pen-names are used. If you want more information... or you'd like score our essays... please post to the message board. We'd love to hear from you.