Seal Program

  • The Seal Program is divided into 3 categories; Scholarship, Pride and Wellness and seals are given honoring achievement, attendance, effort, improvement, and positive choices. Students can earn seals in each of the 3 categories. Seals are given to the students for accomplishing required criteria  during their 7th and 8th grade years at Komachin.  The seals are put on a certificate of accomplishment which is given at the beginning of their 7th grade year.  These certificates are then given to the 8th grade students to keep at the end of the year assembly.
    Students can also qualify each year for an end of year Seal Activity. They qualify by earning eight seals in each of the three categories.  This activity is a celebration of their year accomplishments and is either here a Komachin Middle School or another Location 
    Download the program presentation and awards criteria below: