Positive Behavior Intervention System (PBIS)

  • To support our WOLF PACK program, Komachin utilizes the Positive Behavior Intervention System.'

    What is PBIS? 

    Komachin has implemented a program called the Positive Behavior Intervention System or PBIS.  The program includes regular rewards and recognition for students making appropriate choices and progressive consequences for students persisting in inappropriate behaviors. 
    Behavior expectations are taught and reinforced from the beginning of the year.  At times, students are redirected with regards to their behavior.  If a redirection from a staff member is not followed, an infraction slip will be sent to the office.  The system assigns consequences based on the number of slips sent to the office during a two-week period.  Students engaging in exceptional misconduct will be sent directly to the office for an administrative intervention.  Misconduct which warrants a half day or more of in school or out of school suspension will result in a parent contact and permanent discipline record.
    Students on the highest PBIS levels (1 & 2) receive regular invites to dances, ice cream socials, and other activities.  Students persisting in problematic behaviors find themselves on the lower PBIS levels (3 & 4) and ineligible for extracurricular activities.
    PBIS assigns demerits to all the various infractions.  Consequences are assigned based on the number of demerits and the seriousness of the infraction.

The Wolf Pack

  • The power is in the pack

    Pride and Respect

    Take pride in yourself, others, our learning community, and school. Be respectful!


    Do your best in all that you do. Have high expectations, set goals, and celebrate your accomplishments.


    Contribute to the learning, safety, and well-being of others.


    Provide service to the community, treat others with respect, and encourage others.

    Komachin has a rich incentive program to reward students for their accomplishments in several different categories including scholarship, wellness, and pride. Student behaviors are just one area in which students receive rewards for meeting expectation standards. Monthly treat rewards, quarterly all-school