How We Do Things at Komachin

  • Organization of Komachin

    • Komachin is organized into 3 dens; each with ~250 students.
    • Each den is organized into teams of social studies, language arts, and science teachers.
    • Math and other specialists serve students from more than one team based on individual needs.
    • This creates smaller learning environments within the larger school to better meet the needs of our students.
    • Whenever possible, students stay with the same advisor and social studies, language arts, and science content teachers for two years.
      • This strengthens relationships between students, teachers and families as we get to better know the specific needs of each student and foster those relationships over the course of two years.
      • We keep students and teachers together for two years through what we call looping. Looping means 7th and 8th grade students are in the same classes together.
    • We have a 2-year curriculum cycle.
      • At the end of two years all students who leave Komachin will have received the same curriculum, but not in the same sequence as would be the case in a traditional 7th and 8th grade structure.

    Year 1 Year 2
    Grade Level Math Grade Level Math
    Physical Science Life Science
    Reading & Writing Reading & Writing
    Literature Literature
    Washington State History United States History


    Students have six of these classes:
    • Language Arts
    • Social Studies
    • Science
    • Mathematics
    • Physical Education
    • Health
    • Learning Support
    • Enrichments

    Non-Content Block: PE, Music & Enrichments

    • Students have two periods each day, for all four quarters to take a variety of PE and enrichment classes. This totals eight sections over the course of the school year.
      • All students take a minimum of 2 quarters of Physical Education; when space is available, some students enroll in 3 or 4 quarters of PE by choice.
      • All 7th graders take one quarter of Health
      • Students enrolled in Band, Orchestra, or Choir commit to four quarters of music enrichment

    Support and Enrichment Classes

    Sample Learning Support and Enrichment classes:
    • Language Tools
    • Digital Photography
    • Poetry
    • Creative Writing
    • Reading Rewards
    • Science-Inquiry
    • Math-Problem Solving
    • Music-Band/Choir/Orchestra
    • Info Tech
    • Applied Tech
    • Art

    Sample Daily Schedule

    1st Period - Social Studies
    2nd Period - Math
    3rd Period - PE
    4th Period - Band 
    5th Period - Science
    6th Period - Language Arts

    Sample Student Schedule by Den

    Red Wolf Arctic Wolf Grey Wolf
    Advisory Advisory Advisory
    Enrichment Science Science
    Enrichment Language Arts Language Arts
    Math Enrichment Lunch
    Social Studies Lunch Math
    Lunch Enrichment Social Studies
    Science Math Enrichment
    Language Arts Social Studies Enrichment

    Silver - Green Block Scheduling

    Most days, students only attend five of their six classes:
    • Science and Language Arts are “chunked” together for two periods; students only attend one of these content classes each day.
    • Enrichment, Math and Social Studies classes are attended daily.
    • Advisory is also scheduled every day.


    Every student at Komachin participates in our advisory program. The majority of our teachers serve as an advisor to one group of students.
    • The role of the advisor is to assist students in goal setting, academic progress, behavioral issues and generally to act as a positive adult role model and mentor to the students.
    • Like the content classes, students stay with the same advisor for two years when possible.
    • Advisors are also the key point of contact and communication between the home and school.


    • You can expect to have homework each night.
    • The general guideline is ~10-15 minutes for each year of your grade level. So, 7th graders can expect ~70 minutes each night.
    • Keep track of your homework in your Komachin planner.


    Middle school classes are on a quarter system:
    • 1st Quarter: Fall (September-November)
    • 2nd Quarter: Winter (November-January)
    • 3rd Quarter: Winter (February-April)
    • 4th Quarter: Spring (April-June)
    Progress reports can be accessed any time online using Family Access. Report cards are sent home at the end of each quarter.

    Academic Expectations

    • Grades are monitored every four weeks by the principal and counselors.
    • Struggling students may be requested to attend a before or after school study hall.
    • Passing grades are required to participate in activities, athletics, and rewards.
    • Students can often get extra help from teachers before or after school, during Wolf Pack time, and sometimes at lunch.


    KMS has two counselors, Mrs. Nye and Mrs. Sawyer. They can assist students in a variety of ways:
    • Academic Concerns
    • Behavioral Issues
    • Social Adjustments
    • Scheduling

    Extra-Curricular Activities



    • Students can participate in all sports activities:
      • Fall Season: Girls Volleyball, Boys Soccer and Co-ed Cross Country
      • Winter I Season: Girls Basketball and Wrestling
      • Winter II Season: Girls Soccer and Boys Basketball
      • Spring Season: Co-ed Track
    • Other student activity offerings such as clubs and extra-curricular music opportunities depend on the success of our fall ASB fundraiser.
    • Students participating in extra-curricular activities will need their own transportation home following practices and events.

    Other Activities

    • Before and After School Help
      • Study Hall
      • Math skill workshops
      • Teacher help sessions
      • Make-up opportunities
      • Student leadership
    • Other ASB Activities
      • Fundraisers
      • Student Council and ASB Cabinet
      • Student committees
      • Service Learning

    Citizenship: Wolf Pack Pride!

    • As a student at Komachin, you will be part of a learning community of students, parents, and staff that support one another in helping you to reach your potential as a student, a person, and a citizen.
    • Students in middle school have a lot more freedom
    • With freedom, comes responsibility
    • We have one over-riding expectation at Komachin: Everyone contributes to the learning, safety, and well-being of all Komachin students.
    • Students will learn the expectations for all common areas, classrooms, and events during the first few weeks of school.

    Behavior Expectations

    • Assemblies and advisory lessons the first week of school
    • Student handbook in the Komachin planner
    • Rewards and progressive discipline
    • Good to know:
      • No Skateboards, rollerblades, scooters
      • No Electronics (cell phones turned off and stored away)
      • No Permanent markers, aerosol sprays
      • No Wearing hats and hoods in the building
      • No Short skirts, low cut tops, sagging pants
    • KMS has a dress code - see district student handbook

    Citizenship: Honor Level Program

    Progressive Discipline System:
    • Infractions with demerits
    • Parent conferences
    • Detentions, in school suspensions
    • Out of school suspensions, expulsions
    • Loss of privileges and reward

    Wolf Pack Pride Program

    Positive Incentives:
    • Treats for positive behavior
    • Ice cream, cookies, chips
    • Every four weeks
    • Starts over each cycle
    • Lacey ACT Nights monthly
    Quarter Reward Activities:
    • Celebration Party
    • Skate parties
    • Movies

    Seal Program

    • Scholarship
    • Wellness
    • Pride
    Seasonal Awards Assemblies
    • Honoring achievement, attendance, effort, improvement, positive choices
    Seal Activity
    • End of the year party here or at another location!