Mr. Hall - Science

Professional Biography

  • I graduated in 1988 from U.C. Davis with a BS in Physiology. After working as a lab/histology tech in Massachusetts for 12 years, I began teaching Science in 2001 at (Worcester) North HS in Massachusetts. I've had the pleasure of teaching a number of subjects including Biology, Chem, Physics, AP Bio, AP Chem, AP Physics, Integrated Science, Algebra, and Geometry, and I've been lucky enough to co-teach a couple of those subjects with an amazing colleague: Kevin Rus. Currently (2019-2020), I'm teaching AP Biology, Chemistry, and Electronics.

    My hobbies/interests include music--I play in a number of groups: the Northwest Wind Symphony (Centralia College), the South Sound Saxophone Ensemble (PLU), the Olympia Jazz Tentette, and No Strings Attached (a saxophone quartet).  I also dabble in amateur photography, genealogy, and Taekwondo.  My overriding passion, however, is science and nature and sharing the beauty and wonder of science and nature with my students.


  • 1st Period: Chemistry
    2nd Period: Planning
    3rd Period: Electronics
    4th Period: AP Biology
    5th Period: AP Biology
    6th Period: Chemistry


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