User Classification & Fee Schedules

  • See the current user classifications and fee schedules by expanding the menu items. Groups using the facilities will be charged for the services of district personnel required for supervision and/or custodial services. These charges will be based on the current rates paid by the district. Rates are reviewed on an annual basis, or as directed by the district / Board of Directors.

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User Classifications

  • How it works

  • Category A: District-sponsored educational activities limited to student & school-related functions

  • Category B: School groups for the purpose of fundraising

  • Category C: Non-profit organizations

  • Category D: Revenue-producing non-profit organizations

  • Category E - Commercial ventures & other groups (not non-profit)

Rental Facilities Fee Schedules

  • District Rental Spaces

  • Elementary School Rental Spaces

  • Middle School Rental Spaces

  • High School Rental Spaces

  • South Sound Stadium / Fouts Field

  • North Thurston HS Auditorium (Koval Center)

  • Expectation of accessibility