Welcome to Health & Wellness for IFA Students

  • Nurse: Glenda Van Haitsma gvanhaitsma@nthurston.k12.wa.us

    Life Threatening Health Conditions: IFA staff do not dispense medication to students. If your child is grades 6th and over, he/she may self-carry with approval from the school nurse. If your child is grades K-5, the adult on campus with the student must keep any medications on their person and be in charge of dispensing if/when necessary. If your student requires medication and is attending a school outing, at least one authorized adult must remain in attendance at the event (including state testing) to dispense medication to their student.

    Are your kids ready for school? To attend school in Washington, students must show that they are fully immunized, or file an exemption with the school district. Make sure your children are up-to-date on their immunizations.

    Vision and Hearing: If you have concerns about your child's vision or hearing, please feel free to contact the nurse.

    Emergency Contact Information: PLEASE keep your contact information on file with the office up to date!  It is of vital importance that we have yours and your emergency contact's information up to date in case of an emergency - we need to be able to notify you!