Title III Native Student Literacy Support

  • Title III Native American provides eligible, academically at-risk Native American/Alaskan Native students supplementary literacy and language development support services. Laura Bowman is the Title III Native American Paraeducator. You can contact her at lbowman@nthurston.k12.wa.us 


  • What services are offered?

  • What is Title III Native American?

  • How does the Title III Native American program help?

  • Who is eligible?

  • My student speaks English. Why are they part of an ELL (English Language Learner) program?

  • How is academic risk determined?

  • What happens when my student is identified?

  • Why does my student take the ELL test?

  • Why is my student tested every year?

  • Will my student be placed in an ELL class?

  • Can I request that my student be tested?

  • I was notified, but we're not Native American - what do I do?