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Form 506 Parent / Guardian Guidelines

  • The Federal government has determined new requirements and specifications to filling out the 506 Form. It is important that parents and guardians complete the form to the best of their ability. If unable to do so, the form may be considered incomplete and invalid. Please do not leave any section blank.

    Some guidelines to filling out the form:

    • The student must be an enrolled member of a tribe, the child of an enrolled member, or the grandchild of an enrolled member to qualify. Great-grandchildren or further generations do not qualify.
    • The tribe must be a federally or state recognized American Indian or Alaska Native tribe. This includes federally and state recognized tribes or bands that have been terminated since 1940.
    • Everything on the form must be completed accurately by the parent or guardian. A district employee may not fill out missing information or make any corrections.
    • Please make sure you have the correct DOB (date of birth), school name, and grade level.
    • Name of Tribe, Band, or Group must be filled in.
    • Please check only one of the following: Federally Recognized, State Recognized, Terminated, or Organized Indian Group. If you are unsure, please email Native Student Support for clarification.
    • Name of individual with tribal membership. THIS IS REQUIRED INFORMATION!
      • If the person with membership is the student, write the student’s name.
      • If the person with the membership is the parent, write the parent’s name.
      • If the person with the membership is the grandparent, write the grandparent’s name.
      • Then check which individual with the membership is named.
      • Please do not write your child’s name down if your child is not currently enrolled.
    • Proof of membership or enrollment number (if readily available). Important! This is now required information to the best of your ability.
    • Please enter the tribal membership or enrollment number of the person enrolled.
      • If the student is enrolled, please write the student’s enrollment number.
      • If the parent is enrolled, please write the parent’s enrollment number.
      • If the grandparent is enrolled, please write the grandparent’s enrollment number.
      • OR Other (Explain): Please fill this section out if you do not have enrollment information. Is allowed in some circumstances. You must write down why you do not have enrollment information.
      • If the person enrolled is deceased or estranged. Please do not guess if someone was enrolled, you must be sure.
      • If the child is adopted and specific information about enrollment is withheld for legal purposes.
      • If you or your child is enrolled, but the enrollment information is currently lost and needs to be replaced.
    • Name and address of organization maintaining membership is required. Please fill this out to the best of your ability. If you only know the name of the tribe, city, and state of the organization, please write this down.
    • You must sign and date! An unsigned form is considered invalid.
    • Please include your mailing address and telephone number.