Secondary Grading Practices Improvement

  • Based on the Grading Practices Task Force recommendations, we are improving our grading practices for all middle and high schools by moving away from a 100-point scale and implementing a 4-point scale. During 2022-23, we are learning, planning, and preparing for the change. We will roll out the use of the 4-point scale in phases beginning in fall 2023. The district Grading Practices Committee is reviewing options for how to phase this in.

    Please check back as we update our progress on implementation. Look for family communications in upcoming issues of the Buzz Newsletter!

    What is the update?

    • Replacing the current 100-point scale with a 4-point scale. This simplifies grades and makes assessing student performance more straightforward, reducing subjectivity. Letter grades will not go away - the 4-point scale will translate to a letter grade. 
    • Giving students multiple avenues to show what they know and can do, including various assessment methods (e.g., portfolios, presentations, essays, classroom activities, and projects).
    • Creating a consistent policy to allow for and accept late work.
    • Setting a limit on extra credit options, which disproportionately helps students with additional resources and support (not equitable).

     Why are we making this update?

    • Research shows that traditional grading practices (the 100-point scale) are inaccurate, biased, and demotivating for some students.
    • Equitable grading practices shift focus from earning points to learning & mastering content, strengthening the relationship between teachers and students.
    • The 4-point scale unifies our entire K-12 grading system (our elementary schools currently use a variation of the 4-point scale in grades K-5).


    • Fall 2018

      Secondary grading and reporting practices identified as district improvement initiative

    • September 2018

      25-person 6–12th Grading and Reporting Task Force convened

    • Fall 2019

      Task Force recommended four grading principles

    • Oct 2021

      School Board Community Conversation
      Watch the video >>
      Read the Determination >>

    • Winter 2021-Spring 2022

      Task Force reconvened to complete work based on Board Determination

    • August 2022

      School Board approves secondary grading practices recommendation

    • Fall 2022

      Teacher & Leadership Planning and Presentation sessions

    • Winter & Spring 2023

      Professional development to learn and prepare

    • 2023-24 School Year

      Implementation of improved secondary grading practices

Task Force Goals & Principals

  • Grading Practices Task Force

  • Principal #1: Grades communicate student success

  • Principle #2: Multiple opportunities to demonstrate knowledge

  • Principle #3: Give ample time to practice & learn

  • Principle #4: Regular communication about progress