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  • for US Military Families - the many challenges of school can be stressful - but what if you could get the extra guidance you need, online and on-demand? is offering free access to Military families!

    Their study coaches are there to give your student the help they need to success, no matter age, grade, or academic year. Topics include:

    • Building study habits
    • Note-taking
    • Using technology
    • Scholarly resources
    • Getting organized
    • Motivation & goals
    • Healthy habits
    • Support systems

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Facts about

  • Safe and Anonymous: All tutors must pass a rigorous application process including an extensive background check. No personal information is shared between student and tutor. All work is completed in our recorded classroom.

    FREE for eligible students: There is NO cost to eligible students for US Military families, and you will not be asked to purchase anything.

    Personalized Learning Sessions: Every session is personalized to meet the needs of your student, from remedial to advanced levels. It focuses on conceptual learning and critical thinking - not just quick answers.

    Covers 100+ Subjects (download list): Students can get help in math, science, English, writing, social studies, Spanish, computer literacy, AP courses, and more. We also provide job search assistance.

    More than just homework help: Tutors assist students with specific homework problems but can also help with concept review, writing assignments, test prep, and more.

    Extends the learning day: 24/7 access - students can get help whenever they need it!

How it works

  • Get Started

    1. Go to
    2. Review eligibility requirements
    3. If eligible, create or sign in to your free account
    4. Click on 'Connect with a Tutor'

    Get the right tutor

    • Fill in the quick pre-session questionnaire. Using this information, we will match you with the first available tutor best-qualified to assist you.


    • You can use the chat box or an audio connection to either instant message or speak with your tutor once in the online classroom. You and the tutor may also use the interactive whiteboard to share work and ideas. All activity in the classroom is recorded for review and quality control.

    Share a file

    • You can share many types of files with your tutor in the classroom. Upload an essay, your lab report, a presentation and more. You and your tutor will be able to view the file together in the classroom.

    Use special tools

    • The classroom includes a graphic calculator, text editor and code editor when working on subject material that may require these special tools. Open these tools using the buttons above the whiteboard.

    Submit your paper

    • Our drop-off review service allows you to get expert help from a tutor without having to connect for a real-time session. Drop off your writing assignment and get detailed feedback and explanations within 24 hours. Retrieve your tutor's review under "My Sessions."

    Practice for a test

    • Use our practice quizzes to assess your level of knowledge and practice for upcoming tests or quizzes in math, science, and English. Take a quiz, review your results, and connect with a tutor to discuss any missed questions.