Support Your Local Band! 

    The River Ridge High School Band Boosters need your help!  We are running an online donation drive campaign to drum up support for the band from now until September 24th, 2021...and you can help!
    River Ridge High School Band is one of the most community-centered groups in the area.  We yearly participate in the following events:
    • School Events:
      • School assemblies (pep band)
      • Veterans Day Assembly (taps, wind ensemble)
      • On-Campus Homecoming Parade (marching band)
      • Basketball Games (pep band)
      • Football Games (pep band & marching band)
      • Jazz in the Commons (before school, jazz band)
      • Tubapalooza Brass Choir performing before school

    • Local Community Events:
      • Tubapalooza Brass Choir performing in the community during the holidays
      • Hawks Holiday Happening Gift & Craft Fair (hosting, jazz band, various small groups)
      • Lacey Parade of Lights (marching band)
      • Olympia Oshogatsu (hosting, taiko ensemble)
      • Lacey Cultural Celebration (taiko ensemble)
      • Various Elementary School Cultural Nights (taiko ensemble)
      • Lacey Spring Fun Fair (taiko ensemble, jazz band, and Tubapalooza brass choir)
      • Procession of the Species Parade (volunteer group)
      • Lacey Rotary Duck Dash (jazz band and taiko ensemble) 
      • Thurston County Fair (taiko ensemble)
      • Olympia Harbor Days (taiko ensemble)

    • Typical Marching Band Events:
      • Leavenworth Autumn Leaf Grand Parade
      • RRHS Homecoming Parade
      • Lacey Parade of Lights
      • Football Game Halftime Shows
      • Field Show Competitions (usually 3 per year in October)
      • Procession of the Species
      • Ocean Shores Flag Day Parade

    • Concerts
      • December
      • March
      • May/June

    • Community Outreach
      • Hawks Holiday Happening Gift and Craft Fair
      • Olympia Oshogatsu
      • Managing Elementary Band Concerts (Dec & Mar)
      • Community Taiko Classes (Lacey, Olympia, & Tumwater Parks & Rec)

    • Bi-Annual Performance Tours
      • Typically including the Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band 
      • Alternating between San Francisco, CA & Anaheim, CA
      • San Francisco Tour:
        • 6 days on the road, 6 to 7 musical events
        • 2 clinics per group & college visits (4 clinics total)
        • 2 formal concerts
        • 1 possible informal performance @ Pier 39
      • Anaheim Tour:
        • 8 days on the road, 11 musical events
        • 3 clinics per group & college visits (6 clinics total)
        • 2 community concerts on the road
        • 1 concert per group at the Disneyland resort (2 total)
        • 1 backstage recording studio clinic at the Disneyland resort


    ...of course, all of this isn't free and we need your help to keep the band running!  Your pledged donation will go towards helping the band pay the bills so that we can keep doing all the good things that we do...bringing our music and performances to our community and across the region as well as giving young people a sense of purpose and belonging that is irreplacable.  Even small amounts add up and help and we keep about 97-98% of every online donation (the band boosters pay 1.99% plus 25 cents per transaction) and 100% of checks, cashier's checks, and money orders sent to us for the band! 


    I have talked to several former band students recently and it is amazing how much the band program at RRHS has meant to them and their lives.  Then again, it is not so amazing...when you give young people a place to be with positive experiences and a sense of purpose, you create a solid foundation for their future.  That is what the band program at RRHS has meant for many students over the last two decades that I have been there.


    With your help, the River Ridge HS Band Boosters can bring the costs of the program down to manageable levels for families or even possibly eliminate some fees entirely.  Our priority is to put donated funds towards the fees for marching band events (entry fees and transportation costs) that families normally pay.  That way, the donated money will have the greatest impact possible for each family.  If there are donations above and beyond those needs, the band boosters will put the money towards helping to run the rest of the program.


    You may pledge a one-time donation or pledge a monthly donation for the next year.  No fiscal information will be given to the Band Boosters.  You can choose to pay one of two ways:

    • Pay online...the Band Boosters will send you an online invoice via e-mail that you can pay securely online through our merchant account processor's website.  1.99% plus 25 cents of what you pay will go towards paying merchant service fees, but the rest will go towards the band boosters' efforts to support the band!
    • Pay by check, cashier's check or money order...payable to "River Ridge HS Band Boosters"...just send it to us and we will put it towards our goals above...100%!  The address to send it to is:

    River Ridge HS Band Boosters
    Donation Drive
    PO Box 3035
    Lacey, WA  98509


    To make a pledge and let us know what's coming, just fill out the Google Form here:  https://forms.gle/HKimrxtB7KXmczWv5



    John Theine, Director
    River Ridge High School Band



Last Modified on August 24, 2021