NTPS School Board Resolution No. 2-20/21

    LACEY, WA 98516

    Resolution No. 2-20/21

    Equity in Education

    A resolution of the Board of Directors of North Thurston Public Schools (NTPS) Lacey, WA to affirm NTPS’s commitment to equity in education.

  • North Thurston Public Schools Recognizes:

  • Hiring and Retaining a Workforce that Reflects the Diversity of our Student Body

  • Ethnic Studies, Anti-Racism Education, and Culturally Responsive Practices

  • Data Analysis

  • Policies & Practices

  • Professional Development

  • Social & Emotional Support

  • Community Messaging

  • Be it further resolved,

    that the Board encourages our educators, students, families and community members to embrace opportunities that commit to equity in education at North Thurston Public Schools.

    Work on commitments a-cc will begin in the 2020-2021 school year. The District will report to the School Board on the progress of every commitment by December 2021.

    PASSED by the Board of Directors of North Thurston Public Schools No. 3, Thurston County, Washington, at the regular meeting held on September 8, 2020.

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