Student Rider Expectations

  • Getting to school safely and on-time requires a safe, responsible, & respectful school bus environment. Students are expected to do their part to make this happen!


    • Use your Smart Tag everyday
    • Listen to the driver
    • Stay seated and face forward
    • Keep hands and feet to yourself
    • Report unsafe behavior to the driver
    • Kindergarten students must be met at the bus unless a waiver is signed


    • Bring your Smart Tag everyday
    • Keep the bus clean
    • Use an ‘inside’ voice
    • Keep food and drinks in your backpack
    • Stay seated until the bus stops at your bus stop


    • Use kind language and actions
    • Follow directions
    • Move directly to your seat
    • Say “thank you” & “you’re welcome”
    • Keep hands and feet from touching others
    • Classroom behavior = school bus behavior


    Please remember it is important for both parent and student to memorize:

    • Your bus route number
    • Your bus stop location
    • Your regular pickup and drop-off times

    Students in Homeless Situations

    The district provides transportation for students in homeless situations which includes temporarily staying with friends and/or family members. See more information on Homeless Assistance / McKinney-Vento Act >>

    Policies & Procedures

Tips & Instructions

  • How to get on the bus

    • Be at your bus stop 5 minutes early
    • Wait for the bus driver to cross you
    • Stand safely away from the door until open
    • Wait your turn to board the bus
    • Use the handrail while climbing the stairs
    • Use your Smart Tag to tag onto the bus
    • Go directly to your seat

    How to get off the bus

    • Wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before standing
    • Use your Smart Tag to tag off the bus
    • Use the handrail when descending the stairs
    • Stop, Stop, Cross:
      • Stop at the crossing arm and wait for the bus driver to signal that it is safe
      • Stop again at the front corner of the bus and wait for the bus driver to signal it is safe to cross
      • Cross when safe

Road Safety Tips