Due Process

  • Full grievance and appeal procedures can be found in NTPS Policy 3241 and Procedure 3241P.

    Educational Services

    During the suspension, expulsion, or emergency expulsion of a student, the school/district will provide the student with the opportunity to continue participating in the educational curriculum; meet the educational standards established by the District; and complete subject, grade-level, and graduation requirements (WAC 392-121-107).


    Any suspended or expelled student will be allowed to make application for readmission at any time. The application must be submitted to the principal of the school which the student wishes to attend. The application will include:

    1. An essay stating why the student wants to return and why the school should consider;
    2. Evidence that supports the request;
    3. A supporting statement from the parent or others who may have assisted the student;
    4. Evidence the student has made an effort to keep up with their studies;
    5. Documentation of volunteer work and other efforts to make amends; and
    6. If the expulsion was drug or alcohol-related, a copy of a drug and alcohol assessment and evidence of follow-up to the recommendations in that assessment.

    The principal will consider the application, consult with the superintendent, and advise the parent and student of their decision in writing within five (5) school business days of receipt of such application. Readmission may be contingent upon any reasonable condition proposed by the principal, subject to the limits on behavior agreements, below.

    The readmission process is separate and distinct from any reengagement meetings conducted by the District as required by state law, RCW 28A.600.


    The district will reengage and assist students in returning to school from a long-term suspension or expulsion. Reengagement will consist of:

    • A meeting with the student and their parents/guardians/family member within 20 days of the student’s long-term suspension or expulsion and no later than 5 school days before the student’s return to school.
    • A reengagement plan which will be tailored to the student’s individual circumstances, including consideration of the incident that led to the long-term suspension or expulsion.

    Behavior Plans

    The District may enter into behavior agreements with students and parents in response to behavioral violations, including agreements to reduce the length of a suspension, conditioned on the participation in treatment services, made in lieu of suspension or expulsion, or holding a suspension or expulsion in abeyance. A behavior agreement does not waive a student’s opportunity to participate in a reengagement meeting or receive educational services.

    The duration of behavior agreements will not exceed the length of an academic term. Nothing precludes the District from administering discipline for behavioral violations that occur after it enters into an agreement with the student and parents. The District will provide behavior agreements in a language the student and parents understand.

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