Schedule Change Requests

  • Class schedule change requests can be made during the first 3 school days of the semester.

    Schedule corrections will only be considered for the following reasons: 

    • Academic misplacement in a course
    • A course is missing from the schedule 
    • Desire to take an enrichment not previously taken (on a space available basis) 
    • TA/OA request (8th grade only & Teacher Recommendation, 1 semester/year)
    • Duplicate classes (e.g., two English classes)  

    The following reasons are not valid for a schedule change request:

    • Requesting a certain teacher or dislike for a teacher
    • Disciplinary problems
    • Desire to be with friends/change lunch
    • Failing grades

    All schedule change requests will be based on space available and teacher approval.

    Students are required to take a semester of P.E. or health each year.

    Please email your counselor to request a schedule change and include the reason for the change.

    Erin Abel:

    • 8th Grade last names starting with A-L
    • All 7th Grade

    Melissa Tyrrell:

    • 8th Grade last names starting with M-Z
    • All 6th Grade