Health & Wellness

  • Each school has a part-time Registered Nurse and full-time unlicensed health assistant trained to address student health needs during the school day. RNs review student Health History Forms that parents complete, prepare staff for any medical emergencies that might arise, do vision and hearing screenings, ensure immunization compliance, provide physical and mental health supports to students, and carry out clinical assessment with a high degree of skill and judgment.

    Please make sure your contact information is correct and current. Call you student’s school to update. In an emergency, staff will call 911 and the emergency contact listed in our Student Information System.

  • Immunizations

  • Covid-19

  • Life Threatening Conditions

  • Illness or Injuries at School

Medication at School

  • As permitted by Washington state law, nurses and health room assistants administer prescribed or nonprescribed medications in limited situations.

    Before dispensing medications to students, the following requirements must be met:

    • Parent(s) must hand deliver to the school a written authorization form signed and dated giving the school health professionals written permission to administer medications.
    • The written authorization form must be signed by a licensed health professional with prescriptive authority giving the name of medication, written instructions, dosage, time, dates to be given, and student name.
    • The medication must be supplied to the school in the original container, and the written authorization must match exactly the information on the container. No more than a 20-day supply will be accepted by the school.
    • Medication is to be brought to the school by a parent or guardian.
    • All medications must be picked up prior to the last day of school or shall be destroyed after proper family notification.
    • No prescribed medication shall be administered by injection by staff except when a student is susceptible to a predetermined, life-endangering situation.