Harmful Substances

  • To learn, students need to be healthy. The use of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco products by students is not only illegal, but also interferes with learning and damages student health.

    Use or Possession: Students may not be under the influence of or possess drugs, alcohol, other illegal substances, or paraphernalia on school property, on school transportation, at school sponsored activities, or on school trips.

    Sale or Distribution: Students may not sell and/or distribute or be in possession with intent to sell/distribute illegal chemical substances, including alcoholic beverages, drug paraphernalia, medications/stimulants/ depressants, or mood-altering compounds.

    “Other drugs” includes e-cigarettes, vaporizers, and all other items generally considered to be drugs, either legal or illegal, unless the student has an approved medication at school form on file. Students are not permitted to use or possess electronic cigarettes or personal vaporizers on school property, on school transportation, or on school trips or at school sponsored activities.

    The prohibition of tobacco is in effect 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and applies to all District employees, students, volunteers, outside contractors, visitors, and the general public. See NTPS Policy 4215. Additional requirements that impact student participation in athletics and/or activities in grades 7–12 and can be found in NTPS Activity/Athletics Conduct Expectations. View the NTPS Athletic Code >>

    Students who violate the terms associated with a drug free learning environment will be subject to discipline as prescribed in NTPS Policies 3240 and 3241 and Procedure 3241P.

  • Confiscation

  • Child Protective Services (CPS)

  • Counseling

  • True North

  • Harmful Substances Policies & Procedures

Consequences of Misconduct

  • Use, Possession, Sale or Distribution of Alcohol, Chemical Substances, Drugs, Drug Paraphernalia or THC Vaping Devices

  • Use or Possession of Tobacco or Nicotine Vaping and/or Vapor Devices