• The lives of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color continue to be significantly impacted by structural racism, health disparities, racist policies, and anti-black violence.

    NTPS is committed to actively implementing antiracist policies and practices to ensure every student is provided healthy, safe, engaging, high quality and supportive educational opportunities that lead to high academic and social-emotional outcomes.

    In NTPS, our equity work calls us to identify disparities in our data, acknowledge our unconscious bias, and build personal and organizational capacity to lean into uncomfortable conversations about race, gender, gender identity, sexual identity, socio-economic status, disabilities, and more.

    We use the K-12 Ethnic Studies Framework, Teaching Tolerance Social Justice Standards, community mentors, and student conference opportunities to integrate equity into classroom learning. We do this with the goal of enhancing and empowering every NTPS student to see themselves as critical thinkers and solution seekers.

    Our District’s equity work includes family engagement, community collaboration, and tribal partnership. For example, the North Thurston Community Leadership is a parent and community leadership team that works in partnership with the Somali Parent Education Board to co-create race and equity best practices throughout the District. Community Cafes is one practice that we use to engage parents and community members in meaningful conversations. Other examples include:

    • Multicultural Action Council
    • Equity Advisory Team
    • Minoritized Educator Roundtable

    NTPS’s Equity work is guided by the district’s Race and Equity governing policy and NTPS’s equity resolution. These documents are posted on the district’s Equity website along with resources for parents and students to support healthy communication about race and racism, including tips to help students prevent and respond to prejudice.

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Equity @ NTPS

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