Learning Model Status

  • We have developed three scenarios for teaching the learning at NTPS that allow our district to pivot at any time and adjust to the rapid changes as they come during this pandemic. See the other stages and scenarios below, but the current status will be displayed here as well as other places on our website.

Current Status

  • Hybrid Learning Stage 5


    Stage 5

    Hybrid Learning in Dual Platform

    • At this stage, our public health crisis will be under control, but safety and caution will guide our plans.
    • The model will be a hybrid mix of in-person and remote learning available to all students, with full remote learning still an option for students.
    • All students participate onsite with in-person instruction two days a week.
    • Staff onsite for the purpose of planning and delivering instruction. Staff may request accommodations or flexibility.

More About the Stages

  • Stage 1: 100% Distance Learning

  • Stage 2: 100% Distance Learning

  • Stage 3: 100% Distance Learning with small groups of 6 or less students scheduled by teacher/staff

  • Stage 4: 100% Distance Learning with more in-person support

  • Stage 5: Hybrid Learning in Dual Platform

  • Stage 6: 100% In-Person Learning