Register to ride the bus

  • Please fill out the bus registration form to reserve your student's spot on the bus (fill out the form for each student in your household):

    Bus Reservation Form


    Need Help with Registration? 

    Call Transportation at (360) 412-4545

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  • Bus Registration & Scheduling

    • What's the deadline? Students who qualify for general transportation services must be registered by Friday, August 27, 2021 In order to be guaranteed bus service on the first day of school.
    • What if I miss the deadline? We may not be able to implement requests received after 8/27/21 until Monday, Sept 20.
    • If I register later, how long to process my registration? After 9/20/21 implementing new requests can take 48 hours to get a student routed if the student can be routed to an established bus stop.
    • What happens after I register? Route information for your student will be available in the Smart Tag parent Portal by the end of August.
    • What if there's not a stop in my area already? Students who reside in an area where an established stop is not present, new requests can take up to 5 business days to implement.
    • What if I don't register but show up at the bus stop? Students who are not registered for transportation and arrive at a bus stop (registered by other families) will be transported to school, but will be asked to be picked up by parents. Transportation will be unavailable home until we have received the students' registration and routed the student on a bus.
    • Who isn't eligible to ride the bus? Students do not qualify for transportation services if: they reside in a walk zone, attending an NTPS School on a waiver, attending a childcare facility or after school program that is outside your residential boundary, or district program placement boundary.
    • Can I get a bus pass this year? No bus passes will be allowed for non-assigned routes. Please make other transportation arrangements if your student needs to alter their departure or arrival locations.

    Special Needs, McKinney Vento, or Foster Care

    • What about Special Needs and other types of bus routes? Students who the district has identified as qualified to receive special transportation services to include special needs, McKinney-Vento, and Foster Care services do not have to fill out the registration form. The required transportation requests are sent directly to us. Families who have students who have been registered though Special Needs, McKinney-Vento, and Foster Care services will receive a call from the Transportation Department with their individualized information.

    Bus Safety Practices

    • Assigned Seats? All students will have assigned seats.
    • Will masks be required? Drivers, paraeducators, and students will wear face masks or face shields at all times (Drivers will have spare disposable masks on hand for students).
    • Will windows be open? To maximize outside air, windows will be kept open as much as possible.
    • Will buses be cleaned? Buses will be cleaned and disinfected on frequently touched surfaces daily.
    • Can I help my student get on the bus? Parents/guardians/caregivers cannot board the buses to assist students.
    • What happens if my student feels sick at school? Students who are identified as ill or have COVID symptoms at school will be asked to be picked up by parents and not transported home on the bus.