2018-19 Washington Achievement Award

  • Nisqually Middle School 2018-19 award for growth certificate

    The Washington State School Recognition program has awarded Nisqually Middle School a recognition award for growth & improvement in attendance, specifically in growth for students identifying as Native American or Alaskan Native.

    “At Nisqually, we are so proud of the work our teachers have done to address the achievement gaps that our Native learners face,” said Nisqually Principal David Crane. “I believe the reason why we are making this growth is the strong relationships that our teachers make with our students. They make sure each learner feels valued and connected to our school!”

    The Washington School Recognition Program uses state and local data to identify schools that have made gains in targeted areas and are on a path toward overall improvements in achievement, growth, and closing opportunity gaps. It is supported by the Washington State Board of Education, OSPI, and the Educational Opportunity Gap Oversight and Accountability Committee to celebrate the diverse educational communities that support Washington's ever-changing K-12 student population.

    To learn more about the awards, visit the Washington State Board of Education website.