Chromebook Support Information

  • Please review the getting started guide and troubleshooting steps below BEFORE submitting a support request for your student device. If none of the basic troubleshooting items address your issue, move onto the advanced option of a full reset.

    If you have tried all the troubleshooting options below and were unable to resolve your issue, please see the “Chromebook Exchange/Repair Requests” section at the bottom of this web page to submit a support request.

Getting Started Guide

  • Power On

  • Logging into the Device

  • Settings Menu

  • Power Off

  • Connect to Home Wi-Fi

  • Keyboard and Quick Keys

  • Capturing Chromebook Screenshots

Basic Troubleshooting

  • Device Slowness & Issues Viewing or Submitting Assignments

  • Turn On/Off Accessibility Features

  • Magnification Settings

  • Turn Off High Contrast Mode (mostly black and white screen)

  • Rotate Screen

  • Charging issues

  • No Sound in Headphones or from Device

  • Keyboard Typing Odd Characters

Still not working?

  • If you’ve followed all the basic troubleshooting guides and your Chromebook is still acting strange or non-responsive, try a power wash (full reset) of your Chromebook below.

Advanced Troubleshooting

  • Power Wash of Chromebook (full reset)

  • Hotspot Troubleshooting

  • Chromebook Exchange/Repair Requests