Chromebook Support Information

  • If your Chromebook, hotspot, or charger is damaged (e.g. broken screen, keyboard, water damage) or lost/stolen, please contact your school to schedule an exchange.

    For all other issues, please review the getting started guide and troubleshooting steps below BEFORE submitting a support request for your student device. If none of the basic troubleshooting items address your issue, move onto the advanced option of a full reset.

    If you have tried all the troubleshooting options below and were unable to resolve your issue, please see the “Chromebook Support Requests” section at the bottom of this web page to submit a support request.

Getting Started Guide

  • Power On

  • Logging into the Device

  • Settings Menu

  • Power Off

  • Connect to Home Wi-Fi

  • Keyboard and Quick Keys

  • Capturing Chromebook Screenshots

  • Update your Chromebook

Basic Troubleshooting

  • Device Slowness & Issues Viewing or Submitting Assignments

  • Turn On/Off Accessibility Features

  • Magnification Settings

  • Turn Off High Contrast Mode (mostly black and white screen)

  • Rotate Screen

  • Charging issues

  • No Sound in Headphones or from Device

  • Keyboard Typing Odd Characters

Still not working?

  • If you’ve followed all the basic troubleshooting guides and your Chromebook is still acting strange or non-responsive, try a power wash (full reset) of your Chromebook below.

Advanced Troubleshooting

  • Power Wash of Chromebook (full reset)

  • Hotspot Troubleshooting

  • Chromebook Exchange/Repair Requests