Library Activities

  • Welcome Mustangs!  

    There are 5 choices below for library-related activities for you. Pick at least one, but maybe you can do them all?


    1.  READ!  

    Anything and everything that looks interesting to you.  20 minutes every day, minimum.  More if you can!  Keep track on a reading log you create and decorate to make your own.  Write down the time someone reads to you, when you read to someone in your home, or when you enjoy a good read all by yourself.  


    2.  Borrow a library book from the Timberland Regional Library.  

    Every student in the North Thurston School District has a library card to access free electronic content.  There are so many to choose from, and no late fees!  It could be an eBook you read on your computer or other device, or an audio book you listen to while you are drawing or cooking or cleaning, or...  

    If you don't know how to log in, click HERE for step by step instructions. 


    3.  Journal (write and draw) about your day(s).  

    Pick a day this week to write and draw about what you are doing and feeling during this very strange time in our history.  

    There are five categories to choose from. (You can do just one or all five.)

    • Best day
    • Worst day
    • Weirdest day
    • Saddest day
    • Learned something cool day


    4.  Read one of these Battle Books for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Graders and do the activity that goes with it.

    Coming soon! 


    5.  Do you LOVE Graphic Novels?

    Create your own comic with pencil and paper, or go to ComicCreator and make one online.

    Tell a story of something that happened to you, OR something you WISH would happen to you, OR retell a favorite story you know adding in your own special magic, etc.  You are both the author and illustrator.