Land Acknowledgement

  • Three flags flying on the flagpole at Evergreen Forest Elementary Nisqually Tribal Flag with the words s'qwali?abs Medicine Creek Nation and their logoWe acknowledge that North Thurston Public Schools resides on the traditional lands of the Nisqually people. The Nisqually have lived on and cared for this land and these waterways since time immemorial. We make this acknowledgement to open a space of recognition, inclusion, and respect for our sovereign tribal partners and all indigenous students, families, and staff in our community.

    The NTPS Board of Directors unanimously approved language and protocol for a former land acknowledgement with the Nisqually Tribe. Land acknowledgement is the practice of opening meetings and events with a statement recognizing the indigenous inhabitants of the land. North Thurston Public Schools reside on the traditional lands of the Nisqually people, who have lived on their aboriginal homeland near the present-day communities of Olympia, Tenino, and Dupont for 10,000 years.

    Developed in partnership with the Nisqually Tribe, the above acknowledgement statement will be read at school board meetings, school assemblies, district-wide public events, and evening events at our schools and buildings.

    As part of this collaborative effort, NTPS was gifted Nisqually Tribe flags to fly at each of our 22 school buildings. Flying this flag will serve as daily recognition of our partnership with the Nisqually Tribe and reminder of the tribe's traditional lands, thriving government, and culture. The acknowledgement will also support openness and awareness of all indigenous peoples and our duty as public educators to equitably support and educate Native children.

    Note: The Nisqually Tribe Flag will be flown throughout the school year and only taken down during specific days when another flag is set to be flown, such as the POW/MIA flag. There are some building flag poles that are not tall enough to fly three flags when flags are required to be at half-mast. In this case, the Nisqually Tribal Flag will not be flown at certain buildings.