Student Volunteering Opportunities

  • Hey Students!

    Are you an NTPS student looking for a way to get involved and fulfill your volunteer hours? Or maybe you'd like to work toward a Varsity Letter in Community Service?

    Below is a list of local organizations that welcome our student volunteers. Browse through to find a good match for you! This list is always growing, so check back often for new opportunities.

    Remember to document your hours for graduation with the HS & Beyond Plan Community Involvement Documentation Form!

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  • North Thurston Public Schools


    Contact: Merry Sam, or (360) 412-4451

    Activities: Many NTPS students enjoy volunteering in our own district - often at the elementary or middle school they previously attended. Students can help out with special events (movie nights, festivals, etc.), tutoring, and classroom or office help.

    Schedule: Regularly scheduled volunteering typically takes place before or after school. Special events usually take place on weeknight evenings, and ccasionally weekends.

    Requirements: Students must complete an NTPS Student Volunteer Application and return to their school office to obtain the necessary principal signatures. Middle and high school students are welcome to serve as student volunteers.

    Upcoming Events: Now recruiting student volunteers for the NTPS Teen Genius Project, where student volunteers can help seniors in our community navigate new technology. Click here to learn more and sign up!

    Fun Facts: Over 275 NTPS middle and high school students are currently volunteering in our schools!

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  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Thurston County


    Contact: Terrence Krall, or (360) 438-6811

    Activities: Volunteers can tutor, play games with kids, help staff run activities, and clean. Consistent volunteers can serve as 1 on 1 tutors in the 1st-6th grade tutoring program. Volunteers with a shorter or less frequent schedule can work in the games room, gym, art room, tech lab, or kinder room. Volunteers will never be alone with the kids, and there will always be at least one staff member helping to supervise each area.

    Schedule: Clubs are open on school days from 3:30 - 6:30 pm, and volunteers are also welcome during programs operating during winter and spring break. See their calendar!

    Requirements: Volunteers must be at least 16 years old. All volunteers must complete the Boys & Girls Club Volunteer Application and provide color copy of a photo ID (drivers license or school ID are acceptable), and a background and reference check will be completed before volunteering. Please note that the background check can take a few weeks to process.

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  • Capitol Land Trust


    Contact: or (360) 943-3012 ext 0, then 1

    Activities: Planting native plants, removing invasive plants and debris, human impact removal/mitigation, maintaining trails, and watering in the Summer.

    Schedule: Events typically take place in the morning to early afternoon on both weekdays and weekends. Usually 2-4 weekend events are scheduled each month to provide opportunities for student and working volunteers.

    Requirements: All volunteers are required to sign a waiver each year in January. For youth volunteers under 18, a parent/guardian signature is required for the waiver. The waiver can be completed on paper at the events or electronically in advance.

    Upcoming Events:  See all upcoming events

    Fun Facts: Capitol Land Trust has conserved 77 properties, 6,000 acres, and 15 miles of Puget Sound shoreline!

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  • Center for Natural Lands Management



    Activities: CNLM volunteers can help with outdoor activities like removing invasive species, establishing native plants, creating nesting sites for prairie birds, and caring for the plant nursery. Volunteers can also provide communications help with graphic design and development of outreach materials and web/media articles.

    Schedule: Regular work parties are scheduled on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Volunteer activities can also be scheduled other days. Contact CNLM for locations and details.

    Requirements: Volunteers must complete a volunteer release form, found on the CNLM website above.

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  • Crisis Clinic of Thurston & Mason Counties


    Contact: Marissa Strobel, or (360) 586-2888 ext 114

    Activities: Student volunteers attend a 6 week training program to learn skills and prepare to answer the Crisis Line. After training, students would commit to one, 4 hour shift per week to cover the Crisis Line (anyone under 18 will be accompanied by an adult). The clinic environment is friendly and casual.

    Schedule: The first weekend of training includes Friday evening (6-8:30 pm), Saturday and Sunday (9 am - 4:30 pm). After the initial weekend, each training is on Thursday evening (6-9 pm) for 6 weeks. After completing the training, volunteers can choose what time they would like their weekly 4 hour shift to be.

    Requirements: Youth volunteers must be at least 15 years old. Anyone under 18 must obtain parental consent. All interested volunteers must complete a Phone Line Volunteer Application.

    Upcoming Events: Spring Training Events beginning April 3

    Fun Facts: Each year, the Crisis Clinic answers over 9,000 calls from the community!

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  • Harlequin Productions



    Flyer: Harlequin Volunteering Opportunities

    Activities: Students typically volunteer as Ushers or Ticket Checkers. Ushers help greet patrons as they arrive, pass out programs, assist patrons to their assigned seats, and alert the House Manager of any seating issues. Ticket Checkers also help greet patrons, check that patrons have a valid ticket upon entering, and click them in as they enter so the theatre has an accurate audience count. There may also be backstage opportunities for students with some experience to help with Strike and Load in of sets.

    Schedule: Performances are generally on weekend evenings and some afternoon matinees.

    Requirements: Volunteers are preferred to be 16 years old, but exceptions may be made on a case by case basis.

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  • Relay for Life of Thurston County


    Contact: Amanda & Alexa,

    Activities: Student volunteers can help with setup, direct parking, transport team gear, light luminaria, serve cake, run activities (like scavenger hunts or dodgeball!) and more. Snacks are provided!

    Schedule: Relay takes place June 25-27, 2020 at Komachin Middle School. The main event runs 24 hours from 6 pm on Friday June 26 until 6pm on Saturday June 27.

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  • Stream Team



    Activities: Join Stream Team to perform a wide variety of activities to improve water quality in our community. Plant trees & shrubs to repair riparian buffers, remove invasive species like English ivy, attend a workshop to build bird, bee, bug and bat houses, teach the public about Pacific salmon, and much more!

    Schedule: Stream Team events occur year round on weekdays and weekends. All events are posted on the Stream Team website calendar. If you'd like to receive an email with each month's upcoming events, email and title the subject Subscribe.

    Requirements: Each event will note if there is an age requirement. Most events require registration, which can be done by clicking Register on the Stream Team website. Each participant must fill out a liability waiver (Minor or Adult).

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  • TOGETHER! Club House


    Contact: Nora Flemming de Sandoval, or call/text (360) 999-0440

    Flyer: 2019-20 Together! Volunteering Opportunities

    Activities: Student volunteers can engage younger students with reading, homework help, or by sharing an interest or activity you love! Programs this year include focus on STEAM and bilingual (Spanish-English) activities.

    Schedule: Before school at Chinook & Nisqually Middle Schools. After school at Lydia Hawk and Pleasant Glade Elementary Schools. Student volunteers are welcome on a regular basis (once a week, once a month), for a short burst of time (every day for two weeks, or during the summer session. 

    Requirements: Volunteers are background checked, and must submit an online application.

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  • United Youth Movement



    Activity: UYM volunteers provide service to the Thurston County Food Bank, and partner with United Way to learn skills and provide service by cleaning parks, painting, installing flooring, etc. UYM also offers career connections and educational opportunities with local businesses.

    Schedule: After school and weekend opportunities are available.

    Requirements: Students aged 14-19 are welcome.

    Fun facts: Nearly all UYM staff are NTPS alums!

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  • New Opportunities Welcome!

    Are you a community organization that welcomes student volunteers? If you'd like to be included on our list of student volunteering opportunities, please contact the Volunteer Liaison.

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