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    Computer Science - Timberline High School

    At Timberline we offer two courses for Computer Science:

    • AP Computer Science Principles - fundamentals of computer science. 
    • AP Computer Science "A" - focusing on Java and Object Oriented Programming tasks.
      • AP-CSA is set up as a blended learning course for students that have previously taken AP-CSP or approved technical background. 

    For the 2019-2020 school year we will also incorproate once a week UW in the High School's entry level CSE 120 course. Students have the opportunity to earn college credit by passing the AP exam with a score of "3" or better and earn 5 UW-Seattle College Credits through University of Washington Seattle by completing the CSE 120 course in its entirity during the 2019-2020 schoool year.  

    Students in this program also will hear from guest speakers if time permits, option to compete in FBLA computer programming related events and attend a technology career fieldtrip at the end of the year at TBA location. 

    Timberline Credits:   

    • CTE/Occupational Education: 0.5 or 1.0 
    • 3rd or 4th Year or elective Math credit:  0.5 or 1.0
    • 3rd or 4th Year or elective Science credit:  TBD/TBA 

    College Credits:

    • Pass AP exam with a "3" or better; credits are determined by the University you plan to attend in the future. 
    • University of Washington Seattle - 5 credits (must be enrolled entire school year in CS) 


    • Code.org (AP-CSP)
    • Codehs.com (AP-CSA)
    • University of Washington - CSE120 


    AP Computer Science Students at Microsoft
    AP Comptuer Science Students at Microsoft - May 2019 





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