Health Class Syllabus

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    I’m very excited to have your student in my Health class this semester. Our health education program intends to provide information in such a way that it influences students to take positive actions regarding their own health. This is an informative class that covers many issues middle school students deal with every day. We obtain information in a variety of ways: The health book, informative videos, guest speakers, online assignments/research and discussions.

    Grading Policy

    Your student’s health grade will be determined by various assignments (both in-class and projects they take home), quizzes, group projects and participation as well as attitude.

    Late work will be accepted, but they can only earn half the assignments points. If they are absent, they will get as many days as they were absent to complete the assignment missed. After that, it will be considered late. It is your student’s responsibility to get the missing work before school or before or after class from me.

    It is the mission of the health educators in the North Thurston Public Schools to equip students with ability to make responsible health decisions.  Above all, we respect the student’s value system as fostered by the family and recognize sensitivity to issues and diversity of opinion.