Chinook Middle School PE Expectations

  • Download a copy of this letter to review and sign (PDF)

    Welcome to Physical Education class! We are glad you’re in this class. Our Physical Education classes are designed to be a positive experience for each student. As a student in our class you will be exposed to a variety of physical fitness, recreation, individual, and team activities. Each activity is developed into a unit, which will last for two weeks. Participating in PE can help you find an activity you will want to do for many years to come.

    Students will be evaluated and awarded based on a point system. During the quarter students can earn up to 25 points a week (5 points a day) based on the following scale:

    • Tuesday, Thursday (activity days)
    • Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays (fitness days)

    Students can lose points for the following reasons: non-suit, absent, non-participation, behavior/respect.

    Non-Suit Policy

    1st non-suit = warning

    After the first non-suit, the student will lose 1/2 of their points for the day, but still be required to participate.

    Make-Up Policy

    If a student is absent from class for any reason (including school-related activities), they will be allowed to make up points for those days using the following option:

    • Signed note or email from a parent/guardian stating what the student did outside for 30 minutes that was related to physical activity.


    Student need to bring shorts, or sweat, t-shirt or sweatshirt, and tennis shoes (that tie) everyday in order to be prepared for PE class. Cell phones are to be locked up in the locker rooms. Full participation and effort are required to be successful in the class; therefore attendance plays a crucial role in the students' success in PE. In the event that a student has an illness or injury that prevents them from participating fully in class, a signed and dated note from parent/guardian or a physician's note is required to excuse the student from participation. Every student is responsible for providing their own lock (if this is an issue, see your PE teacher). No body spray or perfumes will be allowed in the locker room. It is important that the PE teachers are made aware of any medical or physical problems that your child may have, preferably before the quarter starts.

    Thank you for reviewing this information with your child. We are looking forward to a great experience for your son or daughter at Chinook Middle School.