Middle School Mathematics Program

  • At North Thurston Public Schools, our Vision is clear: All students empowered and future-ready.

    Our Strategic Plan defines goals for student success that include continuous growth toward meeting/exceeding rigorous learning standards, developing all the skills necessary to solve relevant, real-world challenges, and to graduate prepared for success in whatever life pathway a student chooses. In the content area of mathematics, we aim for each child to be successful and to have the opportunity to learn and master the learning standards as they progress through our system.

    At the middle school level, it is our goal that each child is placed in the most appropriate math course to meet their learning needs and ensure they are on the pathway to continued and future success. The Washington State K-12 Learning Standards for Math have shifted the content and approach to learning mathematics resulting in students beginning to learn Algebraic concepts much earlier. Many of the topics previously introduced in high school are now taught in 6th, 7th and 8th grade. In essence, all students are now experiencing more rigorous mathematics content earlier than before as they progress through middle school and into high school.

    To ensure students have the greatest possible foundation and opportunity to learn and master standards essential for continued success in their learning progression, and recognizing that some students are able to learn more quickly while others may need additional support, North Thurston Public Schools has modified our courses and placement guidelines.

Math Placement Guidelines

  • Recommendation for placement in specific math courses is based on the following:

    • Spring Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA) scores
    • Achievement of the Standards of Mathematical Practice as indicated by SBA and curricular measures
    • Success in current math course
    • Teacher recommendation based on classroom evidence and performance indicators
    • Additional measures such as highly capable testing and district easyCBM or MAP benchmark assessments

NTPS MIddle School Math Pathways

  • Middle School Math Pathway

  • Grade Level Math Pathways

  • Math Support

  • Math Acceleration in Middle School

  • Intensive Math Pathway (iMath)