Surplus Office

  • The District disposes of obsolete surplus items by having a public sale. The remaining items are transferred to the General Administration's (GA) state surplus property program. The GA then handles the sale and distribution of items to other state agencies and the general public at its retail site located in Tumwater.

    Definition of Surplus: Items in a school or department that are no longer used or needed but are still in usable condition. RCW 28A.335.180 The useful life of these items has been exceeded; therefore, the items have been declared surplus and are for sale. Many items will still work although they no longer meet efficiency or safety standards for public school use.

Surplus Process

Warehouse Deliveries

  • Surplus warehouse hours are 7am-2pm for deliveries.

    NTPS Service Center
    6620 Carpenter Road SE
    Lacey WA 98503