Surplus Information

  • The District disposes of obsolete surplus items using the WA Department of Enterprise Services Surplus program. They handle the pricing, sale, and distribution of items to other schools, state agencies, and the general public from their website. More information: and RCW 28A.335.180

    Definition of Surplus: Items in a school or department that are no longer used or needed, but are still in usable condition. The useful life of these items has been exceeded; therefore, the items have been declared surplus and are for sale. Many items will still work, although they no longer meet efficiency or safety standards for public school use.

Warehouse Deliveries

Surplus Process

    1. The district warehouse collects surplus items.
    2. A surplus list is created and sent to the School Board for approval.
    3. The surplus list is sent to DES Surplus for processing.
    4. DES Surplus advertises, prices, and sells items to schools, state agencies, and the public on the District's behalf.

    Persons or entities interested in acquiring some of the district’s surplus items can contact DES surplus on their website:

    Current Surplus List: