• Notebook responses should be 2-3 sentences in length and should copy the question first with the answer following.  Please remember to also date your entry.

    Week 17/18 Notebooks:

    1/7 - What is this song about? (Concert Choir - Somewhere There's a Song; Symphonic Choir - For Everything There is A Season)

    1/11 - 3 questions to respond to:

    1. In your own words, what is the purpose of the song "One Day"?

    2. What do you want the audience to experience when we perform this song?

    3. What do you want to experience when you perform this song?

    1/15 - Part 1: List 4 words, phrases or ideas that stand out to you from Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech.

    Part 2: Reflecting on the words of MLK Jr. and the song "One Day", what is the one idea you'd like your audience to understand from our performance on Friday?

    1/18 - Based on the criteria we set on 1/11...

    1a. On a scale of 1-10 (10 would be a perfect performance), how successful was our performance?

    1b. Why did you give it that number?  Why was it not higher?  Why not lower?

    2. What is something we should leave behind (not take into our next performance?)

    3. What is something we should take with us to our next performance?


    Week 16 Notebooks:

    1/3 - What's one thing you want to hold on to from your break?  This could be a memory, a something you did, someone you saw, etc.  Why is it important to you?

    1/4 - As you've read new music today and yesterday, what has made reading it easy?  What has made it difficult?


    Week 10 Notebooks:

    11/5 - Based on our rehearsal with our accompanist...

    1. What was one thing that was new, different, or surprised you about our music?

    2. What was something that was challenging for you as you sung?

    3. What is something that you are excited to share with your audience at our concert next Wednesday?

     11/6 - 

    Week 9 Notebooks: (not collected/graded)


    Week 8 Notebooks:

    10/22 -

    Concert Choir: Which rhythms in our music are the hardest for you to count?

    Symphonic Choir: in-class notes, get these from a neighbor

    10/23 - no rehearsal/no entry 

    10/24 - in-class notes - please copy down from a neighbor

    10/25 - no rehearsal/no entry

    10/26 - no rehearsal/no entry


    Week 7 Notebooks:

    10/15 - in-class notes - please copy down from a neighbor

    10/16 - Dictation: So far, what have you been successful at?  What has been challenging?

    10/17 - (no entry)

    10/18 - (no entry)

    10/19 - After singing through our music, what are a couple ways we can still improve as a choir?  How can you still improve as an individual?


    Week 6 Notebooks:

    10/8 - (no entry)

    10/9 - In-class notes (please copy word-for-word)

    ***Strategies for Rhythmic Dictation***

    1. Write down the rhythm first, if you can hear it (1, 2+, 3, 4, etc.)

    2. Use tick marks - put a mark down when you hear a new note

    3. Break it down into smaller chunks

    Remember, the end goal is to have notes written in music notation.

    10/10 - What about singing in harmony is challenging?  What about singing in harmony is rewarding?

    10/11 - In-class notes (please copy exactly)

    ***Strategies for for Melodic Dictation***

    1. Listen for the solfege pitch

    2. Follow along using your hand signs

    3. Write in the stems early, so you're just placing the note-heads

    Remember, the end goal is to have notes written in music notation.

    10/12 - Of all the music we've learned so far please explain 1 thing you've learned about singing with a good sound (singing well) and 1 thing that has been challenging for you.


    Week 5 Notebooks:

    9/24 - in-class notes (dictation practice - melody)

    9/25 - in-class notes (dictation practice - rhythm)

    9/26 - in-class notes (dictation practice - melody)

    9/27 - In the song we just read, what... 1) was difficult for you? and... 2) went well?

    9/28 (no school)


    Week 4 Notebooks:

    9/17 - True or false: I am comfortable learning and singing in this classroom.  Explain why or why not.

    9/18 - in-class notes - please copy down from a neighbor

    9/19 - in-class notes - please copy down from a neighbor

    9/20 - in-class notes - please copy down from a neighbor

    9/21 - in-class notes - please copy down from a neighbor


    Week 3 Notebooks: (4 entries)

    9/10 - Why did you decorate your notebook the way you did?

    9/11 - What have you learned so far about singing well?  How do we do it?

    9/12 - (no entry)

    9/13 - Of the 3 rounds we've learned so far, which is your favorite and why?

    9/14 - In 2-3 sentences, tell me how you want to grow this year as a singer.


    Week 2 Notebooks: (1 entry)
    9/7 - How are you feeling about choir right now?