Band Parent Association
    Board Meeting Minutes

    April 10, 2023

    The Band Parent Association website is www.ntband.org 


    Melissa  Hagerman– President

    Elaine Vaughn –Vice President                  

    Melinda Brooks - Secretary

    Darren Johnson – Band Director


    David Wilson – Color Guard

    Danielle Escene – Treasurer


    Melissa Hagerman called the meeting to order at 6:31 p.m.

    Introductions: Introductions completed. In addition to BPA Board, attendance included Veronica England (student officer representative) (Sign in Sheet received by Secretary, to be filed with meeting minutes)

    Guard Update –David Wilson (absent, given by Mr. Johnson)

    • Waiting for the bill from the custodian for the guard show that was hosted at NTHS
    • Competed at the Wenatchee show and took 1st place!
    • Will be at the 8th grade information night to recruit

    Band Update – Mr. Johnson –

    • Will access the fund to support a senior student’s unpaid fines
    • Discussed whether there should be a post-trip survey sent out
    • Olympia Jazz Central is offering a $200 grant that students can apply for

    March 2023 Meeting Minutes Review

    • Changes: None

    Motion to approve the March 2023 Minutes. Seconded. All voted in favor, none opposed. Motion approved.

    Treasurer’s Report –presented the March Banking Summary and Treasurer’s Report (copy of reports received by the secretary, filed with meeting minutes)

    • Motion to approve the March 2023 Banking Summary and Treasurer’s Report. Seconded. All voted in favor, none opposed. Motion approved.

    Student Update –  Veronica England

    • Some students went on the Poland trip where they performed two concerts
    • Thursday night side-by-side with Chinook MS
    • Friday, the 21st is the swing social, the jazz band is performing, open to all music students
    • Friday and Saturday, 28th and 29th, is the State Solo and Ensemble at CWU

    Other Items

    • Fun Run update – little interest, should we cancel? Yes
    • Discussed possible fundraising ideas for next year
    • Request to open the Band swag store

    Meeting was adjourned by Melissa Hagerman at ~ 7:26 pm.

    The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 1, 2023, at 6:30 pm. Meeting was moved to Monday, May 8, due to scheduling conflicts.