• Jazz Band


    Jazz Band Audition Requirements 

    Play all 12 major scales. Drum set exempt from this requirement.

    Play the melody of any well-known jazz standard from memory.

    Play the prepared audition piece. Follow the link below for your instrument.

    Name at least two well-known, living jazz players of your instrument. These should be artists that you have heard.
    Name two additional historical players of your instrument, one of which is known for big band playing and one known for solo/combo work.
    Play a chromatic scale the full length of your horn up and down demonstrating good air support, tone, flexibility and range.


    Drummers Only:  Demonstrate good time keeping in a variety of styles – swing, shuffle, Latin (bossa nova), and ballad.  Be able to demonstrate the “feathered” bass drum technique. Use sticks appropriate to the style you are playing.