Welcome To Title III Native American

  • What is Title III Native American?

    Title III Native American provides eligible, academically at-risk Native American/Alaskan Native students supplementary literacy and language development support services.  Laura Bowman is the Title III Native American Paraeducator.  You can contact her at lbowman@nthurston.k12.wa.us 

  • Who can be eligible?

    All self-identified Native American students whose first language is English and is at academic rick may be assessed for Title III Native American services.

  • What services are available?

    Service can fall in two types: Direct and indirect.  Direct services are provided directly to or for a Native student and/or his/her family.  Indirect services can include instructional training and resources for schools and teachers with Title III Native American students to better support literacy for those students.

    Services fall into three categories: student, family, and staff support.  

    Student support may include:

    • Academic support
    • Cultural projects
    • School supplies
    • Coordinating services
    • Literacy support is provided during academic support meetings with students, through distributing age-appropriate Native American books and Lexia services.
    • College field trips (MS/HS)

    Family support may include:

    • Family nights
    • Coordination of services
    • Native American books for home literacy
    • Additional online literacy support programs
    • Cultural activities

    Staff support may include training on topics like:

    • Addressing the unique academic and cultural needs of Native American students
    • Building relationships with Native students and families
    • Increase Native student and family involvment in school

    Individual staff support is provided through the district as requested to better serve the learning needs of native American students in the classroom or building.