Hills, Chelou

Professional Biography

  • I am happy to be a kindergarten teacher at Seven Oaks Elementary School! We are going to have a great school year together! 


    • Arrive to School 
    • Breakfast at School (optional)
    • Play on Kindergarten Playground (in the front of the school)
    • Ms. Hills picks up students and brings them to class
    • Morning Greeting and Announcements
    • Morning Work, Attendance, and Lunch Count 
    • Morning Meeting
    • Bathroom Break
    • Specialist Class
    • Reading Time
    • Morning Snack
    • Recess
    • Bathroom Break
    • Math Time
    • Lunch Time
    • Recess
    • Bathroom Break
    • Science Time
    • Writing Time
    • Choice Time 
    • Clean Up
    • Get Ready for Home
    • Afternoon Meeting
    • Line Up and Dismissal Time