Leah Kochrian

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Professional Biography

  • Mrs. Kochrian is the music teacher for Lydia Hawk Elementary School. She received her BA in music from Northwest University in 2004, earned her teaching certificate from Central Washington University in 2005 and has been teaching music ever since. Mrs. Kochrian's performance background includes both singing in college and semi-professional choirs as well as playing the French horn in band from 5th grade through college. Over the years she has taught 5-12 grade bands, middle school choirs and Kindergarten through 6th grade general music classes. Mrs. Kochrian has extensive training in childhood and adolescent voice development as well as training in both the Kodaly and Orff approaches to teaching childhood music. Mrs. Kochrian's philosophy is that ALL students are musicians and she is passionate about equipping everyone to express themselves artistically. She is excited to share her love of music with the students of Lydia Hawk and help create a community of young musicians right here in Lacey, WA. 


  • Life Skills - Tuesday and Thursday at 1:05 PM

    5th Grade - Monday and Wednesday at 1:30 PM

    4th Grade - Tuesday and Thursday at 1:30 PM

    3rd Grade - Tuesday and Thursday at 2:05 PM

    2nd Grade - Monday and Wednesday at 2:05 PM 

    1st Grade - Monday and Wednesday at 2:40 PM

    Kindergarten - Tuesday and Thursday at 2:40 PM

Remote Learning Opportunities

  • Below you will find links to our remote learning opportunities for music. The current week's lessons will be listed at the top of the page. Please note the grade band that each lesson is designed for. You are welcome to explore other grades' lessons too! Mrs. Kochrian would love to see your work! Feel free to send her a video or picture of your creations or, if you would like to share via phone or an online meeting send her an email to arrange a live connection. 

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Previous Lessons Archived Below: