Sarah Pierce

  • Hello Kindergarteners and Kindergarten Families! Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! I am very excited to be your teacher this year! We will have a student teacher this year. Her name is Krista Mikealson. We also have an amazing assistant, Mrs. Olsen! This is going to be a year filled with fun, laughter, dancing, stories, and adventure. We have never had a school year like it! Come join me on this journey! We will be using Google Classroom as our learning platform. We have a lot of reading, writing, math, and science to do! We will spend time learning about each other and making connections! Please contact me with any questions, concerns, and celebrations!

    Here is a link to the Kindergarten Handbook. It is filled with all of the information you will need for the upcoming school year! Handbook!

    With Love,

    Ms. Pierce

  • spiderman!

    Meet our class pet! Spiderman! He is a 4 year old goldfish!